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Why Rocksforever & Our Teams Mates Speaks


Daniel Bates

Working with Rocks Forever has been and continues to be inspirational. Being the part of the companies remarkable progress and growth has been both fulfilling and rewarding. I look forward to the next 10 years and our journey of continual improvement together.


Jon Whitmore

Working for the Rocks Forever family has been a welcoming and fulfilling experience. They have provided the opportunity for me to study for a degree and I look forward to many more years with the company.


Rodrigo Silva

Being a part of Rocks Forever family has giving me the opportunity to learn and grow professionally and as a person as well. I really admire its core values and the tenacity to achieve goals.


Rodrigo Senior

Por que me gusta trabajar en Rocks Forever LLC Porque somos un equipo compacto, claro en sus funciones individuals e integrals para desarrollar un trabajo de calidad total. Porque a nivel personal, quiero aprovechar toda mi experiencia y conocimiento tecnico y administrative para desarrollar un trabajo de talla mundial.


Jerry Medrano

Inspired and motivated to be part of this advanced and innovative company, Rocks Forever Inc. will forever carve the way around the world.


Nelson Torres

Orgulloso de pertenecer a la Familia ROCKS FOREVER, porseeunaempresa que dejapotenciarnuestrashabilidades y asidemostrar que somoscapaces de asumirnuevosretosprofesionales y porsuexcelentehambientelaboral, Responsabilidad, Respeto y Honradez.


Yogesh Kedia

Working with Rocks Forever is now about only business, it is a Family relationship that rocks forever & ever... truly amazing Experience for sure.


Ramazan Keskin

"Rocks Forever Group Means: friendship, innovation and respecting, humanity & nature..." From our side, Rocks Forever Company is a Significant Natural Stone Company and recently produce and supplies also Good Quality Quartz Stone materials. We call, our teammates in Rocks Forever India, as Mr.Chinmay Vardhaman is very keen on to supply required information on time precisely and also intelligent and highly qualified for his works. Other teammates at Rocks Forever also very keen on and proceed


Venkat Pamidi

Because we don't work on volumes of imagination, We work on reality in practical.


Jose Luis Moreno

I have 40 years experience working in the construction industry in Colombia, South America. More than 15 years in Stone business. I found in Rocks Forever a reliable supplier looking to fulfill your needs. Top Quality Products at the competitive price! Excellent team of people willing to help and Satisfy the clients. I feel myself very confident working with ROCKS FOREVER!


Abhinav Trivedi

Business Ethics, Commitments, Dedicated team & Super Brains at Top makes my journey more special. Lucky to be a part of the most energetic team. Three cheers.


Ashish Sharma

The motto of Rocks Forever is "One company, One team, One passion" i.e. To work as one family, with the same passion that is to reach heights and grow together. That's what fascinates me being the part of Rocks Forever family. In short "Sabka sath, sabka vikas".


Viral Pitaliya

I am very thankful and glad to work under the team of 'ROCKS FOREVER' and especially under the guidance of a gem like personality Mr. Chinmay sir and Mr.Lokesh sir. I have know him for over 2 years and have found him to be honest, reliable, passionate and hard working. The quality of a copy that you write, your willingness to always do more than is expected, your appreciation and understanding of marketing is quite remarkable.


Sneha Kanodia

Working at "Rocks Forever" is a great pleasure for me. The thing I appreciate most about the company is has it has given me the opportunity to balance work and life by allowing me to work flexible hours. I managed to contribute a lot to the company and I still have time for my family. "Rocks Forever" also gives me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment and I have very nice colleagues from different parts of the world. The management team is very good in making sure that

Rocks Forever Inc

Experience is an endless journey & further the most precious treasure of any organisation.

Although we have just begun our journey few years back ( Year of Establishment-2006) and we are already on the Path of Creating series of New Milestones.

And the credit for this confidence is…of course our Team & the flavor of continuous improvisation.

Yes…at Rocks Forever, we have that passion & dedication to keep ourselves on the journey of excellency.


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Rocks Forever Inc