Bring the whole family along on this grand tour where you will explore the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, the gorgeous Garden Route & the scenic Eastern Cape, Sun City & the Wildlife safaris. With well known sights like Table Mountain, V&A Waterfront and Robben Island, as well as many gorgeous beaches, a melting pot of culture and great wine and food, it's not hard to see why Cape Town was voted World's Best Destination 2011. The itinerary encompasses everything from the big cities to the Big 5, giving you a chance to experience the country's best-known highlights along the way.


Religion and spirituality are at the core of tours to many Asian countries. The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan’s monasteries are its biggest allure. Kandy in the mountains of Sri Lanka is home to one of Buddhism’s holiest temples. Gilded pagodas and temples dominate both the cities and rural landscape of MyanmarCambodia’s crown jewel is the temple of Angkor Wat, which sees a million visitors each year, while in Japan, Kyoto’s biggest draw is its profusion of ancient Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Asian countries are blessed with soul-stirring landscapes and captivating wildlife.


The second smallest continent in the world, Europe covers 2% of the Earth’s surface and 6.7% of the Earth’s land. With 47 countries and a population of 742.5 million (2013 census), it is the third most populated continent in the world. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west, Arctic Ocean on the north, Ural mountains in the east, and the Mediterranean Sea to the South, a visit to the European continent is visually magnificent and historically significant. Having to its credit, the tag of being the largest economy in the world, Europe is also home to one of the seven wonders of the world, The Colosseum in Italy.

North America

The continent of North America offers many destinations which can help individuals break free from the mundane routine life and indulge in the excitement of meeting new people, seeing new architecture, connecting with different cultures and learning about a new language. Almost every country on the continent has a tourism department that strives to gain the attraction of tourists from different parts of the world by promoting and preserving the best tourist sites and destinations.

South America

With most of its area being in Southern Hemisphere, the continent of South America is situated between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. The continent comprises of 12 independent states including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela and the overseas department of French Guiana.South America is ranked fourth in area and fifth in population. Its geographical location has often been subjected to controversies. A good amount of people from various non-English speaking countries doesn't accept the idea of it being a continent in true sense of the term.


Men at Work certainly knew what they were talking about when they talked of coming from the 'land down under.'Fairly reticent, until recently, Australia's indigenous treasures were never the continent's selling point. However, with the steady swell in travellers, art and culture do count as an attraction here, apart from the food and wine, beaches, fashion and shopping and incredible possibilities for un[explored] adventure. Of course, warm fun-loving Australians with even warmer climes in the outback keep you coming back for more. Make the climb of your life up the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge before you head over for a memorable experience at the World Heritage Sydney Opera House.


The smallest of all continents, Oceania is a collection of thousands of islands of the South-Pacific region with a total land area of 8,536,716 square kilometers. Oceania is a term used to describe a continental region between Asia and Americas. However, which countries constitute this continent varies. While some believe the Pacific regions including the volcanic islands of the South Pacific Ocean like the Melanesia and Polynesia groups and Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea, are a part of it, others exclude New Zealand and mainland New Guinea.


The things to do in Antarctica are some of the most unique things to do in the world. There aren’t many places where you can sit at arm’s length from a penguin, see some of the largest ice burgs in the world, and freeze your bum off at the same time. There are many misconceptions about Antarctica including the fact that you don’t have to spend $10,000 for a cruise. Although most cruise ships go during the summer months, it isn’t as cold as you would expect in Antarctica.